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Whether you are in the capital accumulation phase, approaching retirement or enjoying the fruits of your labour, your financial well-being is our primary concern. As Financial Advisors, we get to know your individual needs, to ensure that we act as partners in providing advice that works for you, your family and your business. We offer a full range of financial services, providing you with an holistic financial solution. Empower yourself and secure your future with Rockfin Financial Advisory.


Credited and Trusted Advisors


Years of Combined Experience

Cost-efficient Wealth Management

What We Do

We offer a variety of products and services that focus primarily on providing security to you, your wealth and your assets. With Rockfin you can rest assured that your financial instruments are well looked after. We believe that our personalised solutions are what set us apart, providing you with personal and professional guidance on all aspects of your financial wellbeing.

For Business

Business Cover:
Ensure that your business is looked after, with specialised cover.

Commercial Insurance:
Providing you with the security you need to keep your business going.

Business Investments:
Grow your wealth with the finest personalised investment plans.

For Individuals

Personal Cover:
Ensure the protection of your finances and lifestyle.

Personal Insurance: 
Providing you with the security against all possible risks.

Personal Investments: 
Enrich your life and expand your wealth.

Our Process

Set Your Goals

Gather Your Data

Analyse Your Data

Develop a Solution

Implement Solution

Monitor Solution

“If you are passionate about people achieving their goals, they will choose you over the less passionate competition.”

- Don Connelly


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