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About Us

Wealth management you can trust

The ASI Wealth Story

ASI Wealth Western Cape (previously Rockfin Wealth Management) is a registered Financial Services Provider and a division of ASI Financial Services. Several business acquisitions of financial planning practices have been completed over the past 3 years, some with a history going back to 1994. They have all been consolidated into the Rockfin Wealth Management brand and lately into ASI Wealth Western Cape.

ASI Wealth Western Cape focuses on building the Wealth Management strategy and brand for the group now, and into the future. The combining of personal planning disciplines, investment management, financial advisory and fiduciary services directly for the benefit of high-net worth clients, remains a key focus area for ASI Wealth Western Cape. Our team of Wealth Advisors help clients construct an entire financial plan, and we advise clients on how to prepare for their present and future financial needs. Our corporate strategy assists business with employee benefits and employer based financial solutions for employees, company executives and shareholders of private business.

Our Aim

To be a professional advisory, client-centric organisation with quality best-of-breed, independent products and solutions, designed for mature as well as modern day consumers.

Our Philosophy

We endeavour to assist clients in choosing an individualised, flexible and rewarding financial path. We will always strive to approach our client’s financial needs with confidence, enthusiasm and care.

Our Approach

The combining of personal planning disciplines, investment management, financial advisory and fiduciary services, directly for the benefit of high net-worth clients, remains a key focus area.

Fully Compliant Level 4 BBBEE

ASI Wealth Western Cape is a truly South African company who unequivocally supports Equal Opportunities for all value-generating staff within the company, ensuring that staff are selected and employed on merit and ability alone: no other considerations. We focus on ensuring that those candidates from disadvantaged groups are given equal opportunity to and consideration when, applying for vacancies.


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