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A Better Way to Make Financial Decisions

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What is Asset-Map?

Asset-Map enables you to easily visualise, understand and manage your assets and investment plans. This all-in-one digital solution gives you the “big picture” perspective of your financial plan laid out on one page. Explore a new way of engaging with your financial planner through cutting edge technology on any device, anytime, anywhere! Asset-Map, financial planning made simple.

How Can Asset-Map Help You?

A new perspective

An Asset-Map visually organizes all of a household’s finances in a clear graphical layout, allowing Advisors to apply their professional insight in real-time.

Asset Tracking

Define a household’s most important financial priorities and track their progress with interactive Target-Maps.

Proactive Decision Making

Intuitively search and filter an entire advisory practice by staying on top of households that need attention unlike ever before.

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