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Business Structured Investments

Enhancing your wealth journey

Rockfin markets and distributes a complete range of investment products, backed by southern Africa’s leading financial experts. Rockfin has established itself with high-end Financial Planners, offering bespoke solutions to our client base. The range of investment products looks to provide real returns of equities, without the inherent down side risk. All Rockfin products offer Capital Protection.

Why Choose Rockfin Business Structured Investments?

Complete transparency

Trusted solutions

Personalised products

How We Can Help

Rockfin’s Business Structured Investment products link to various financial instruments including equities, interest rates, market indices, fixed income and foreign exchange. The return on a Business Structured Investment is dependent on the above-mentioned financial instruments. Rockfin develops tailor-made solutions, after conducting extensive analysis of your assets to provide your company with investment plans that yield fruitful results.