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Critical Illness Cover

Ready for the unexpected.

More people are diagnosed with serious conditions such as cancer, than ever before. But with the right support, and comprehensive critical illness insurance plan, you can stay protected and live your best life. If you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, Critical Illness Cover helps cover potential expenses like playing for a care-taker, the cost of treatment not covered by medical aid and gap cover.

Why Choose Rockfin Critical Illness Cover?

Low insurance premiums

Cover for 80+ conditions

Proactive risk management

How We Can Help

Your income is crucial to preserving your standard of living. It is used to pay for everyday expenses such as food, clothing, electricity and bond repayments. Rockfin’s income benefits pay you a monthly income if you are critically ill, affecting your earning ability. The lump sum benefit pays out a once-off amount. These funds can be used to cover immediate lifestyle adjustment costs. Any excess funds can be reinvested to provide you and your family with an income.

We assess the severity of your condition based on objective medical criteria, and provide a claim payment as soon as the qualifying criteria are met. If your condition does not meet the medical criteria, you could still qualify for a payment if it results in you being unable to perform the duties of your occupation.

Furthermore, while the assessment of your condition is underway, you could receive payouts from your insurance to help you cover your financial commitments, until we’ve established the permanence of your illness.