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Directors and Officers Cover

Protecting your company

As a director or officer in your business, legislation now holds you more accountable than ever before. That’s why adequate insurance is crucial to protect both your personal assets and the legal interests of your company – no matter what its size or nature.

Why Choose Rockfin Directors and Officers Cover?

Financial Protection

Reduced Risk

Fast and Proactive Claims

How We Can Help

Providing cover for mid to large sized companies. Includes past, present and future directors, officers, employees acting in management or supervisory capacity, shadow directors, outside entity directors, spouses, administrators and executors of insured’s estates.

  • Personal liability: The policy provides coverage for claims made against directors and officers for “wrongful acts”, where indemnity from the insured company is not available.
  • Reimbursement coverage: Where the insured company indemnifies the director or officer, the policy will reimburse the insured company.
  • Securities entity coverage: companies who raise or issue new capital can buy additional cover for claims against the company should a claim arise from a wrongful act.

Directors and Officers Cover includes:

  • Individual coverage for unpaid corporate taxes generating individual liability.
  • Insolvency hearing cover.
  • Enhanced protection to directors for claims brought in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Mitigation costs and prosecution costs to prevent civil liability actions.
  • Derivative investigation costs.
  • Enhanced bodily injury and property damage coverage for directors.
  • Cover for the company following a crisis loss.