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Education Plans

For a brighter future

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The best time for education planning is around the time your child is born. That way, you have plenty of time ahead of you to save money in an education fund. If you didn’t start saving for education when your child was born, then the next best time to start is now. If you have a policy, you can make it “paid up”, which simply means you can stop contributing and leave the policy until the end of the investment term.

Why Choose a Rockfin Education Plan?

Easy access to savings

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Proactive Risk Management

How We Can Help

Saving for your child’s education is a medium- to long-term commitment. There are various education funds you can choose from. Some education savings plans are available directly online, and others via financial advisers.

Rockfin Education Plans make sure that you have enough money to pay for your child’s college or university fees. You choose how you would like to save, where to invest, and track your portfolio against your goals at any time. You also have an Anytime Pocket which you can access if you need cash quickly and easily for emergencies.