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Equities and Share Portfolios

Maximising your returns

Investing in equities is one of the best ways to get above-average total returns on your investment. We offer a range of equity portfolios that have proven and strong investment track records.

Why Choose Rockfin Equity and Share Portfolios?

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The portfolios have different investment terms and risk profiles, and are tailored to meet your specific investment needs. The minimum investment amount for all our equity portfolios is R1 million.

We offer a diverse range of plans:

Equity Portfolio

This portfolio is designed for long-term investors looking for concentrated equity exposure through a diversified portfolio of quality shares spread across the resources, financial and industrial sectors. This portfolio is suitable for investors who can withstand potential capital volatility in the shorter term.

The portfolio invests in quality ordinary shares listed on the JSE of companies that are undervalued, relative to their intrinsic value. The portfolio may also invest in unlisted shares. The investments in the portfolio are subject to rigorous, in-depth research and adhere to our pragmatic investment philosophy.

Aggressive Equity Portfolio

This portfolio is designed for sophisticated investors with a high risk tolerance, looking for concentrated equity exposure, as the portfolio may display higher volatility in the short to medium term.

The portfolio invests in quality shares listed on the JSE that are undervalued, relative to their intrinsic value. Unlisted shares can also be included. The management of the portfolio will likely be characterised by high conviction calls and trading activity, which can lead to tactical investment calls.

Aggressive Rand Hedge Equity Plan

The portfolio is designed for investors who believe the rand will depreciate against the currencies of developed countries and therefore want to hedge against negative movements in the rand through concentrated exposure to shares of companies whose earnings benefit from rand weakness.

The portfolio mainly invests in quality companies that derive a substantial proportion of their earnings from non-South African sources.

Aggressive Technical Equity Portfolio

This specialist portfolio is specifically for investors willing to follow our views on relative price performance, and who are prepared to accept frequent changes in the constituents of the portfolio, including the possible tax consequences of these changes.

The portfolio invests in local companies listed on the JSE. We select the shares based on their price performance relative to the FTSE/JSE All Share Index. The predominant focus is to achieve capital growth by identifying outperforming shares.