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Gap Cover

Your peace of mind is our priority

Medical gap cover helps to pay hospital bills that aren’t fully covered by your medical aid in South Africa. It’s not a medical aid, but rather insurance that covers you in the event that your medical aid doesn’t cover all your costs. Medical service providers, like doctors, can charge an average of 5 times (or 500%) the medical aid rate, leaving you to pay the difference, out of pocket. They may also request certain procedures and scopes, such as MRI’s and gastroscopies, which would require a co-payment.

Why Choose Rockfin Gap Cover?

Extensive gap cover

Tailor-made solutions

Low insurance premiums

What We Offer

There are various types of gap cover products to choose from in the market, and they differ in the way that they cover you. Some options will cover you for the private rates charged by doctors and specialists when you are admitted to hospital, and other options will give you some additional cover as well, like outpatient cover, emergency room cover, sub limit enhancers, etc.

Rockfin Gap Cover not only covers shortfalls or gaps for medical practitioners in the event of hospitalisation involving surgery or medical treatment, but also certain procedures performed out-of-hospital. For more information, or to join, please speak to your Rockfin Gap Cover accredited adviser.

* Rockfin Gap Cover is not a medical scheme and cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This product is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.