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Homeowner and Property Insurance

Protecting your dreams

Getting homeowners and property insurance is an essential step to take when looking to secure your future. By insuring your property, you will be prepared in the event of an unexpected catastrophe such as fire, flooding or natural disaster. The problem in most cases with this, is that you may not always have cash in hand to get the damage fixed, and without a decent insurance plan, this may just cost you a fortune.

Thankfully, with Rockfin, you can get comprehensive homeowners insurance that covers you for unforeseen damage to your building, as well as damage to all of the fixtures and fittings in your home. There is no flood, fire, explosion, storm or any act of nature big enough to stop us from providing you with Southern Africa’s best and most affordable homeowners insurance cover.

Why Choose Rockfin Homeowner and Property Insurance?

Extremely Fast Payout

Emergency Repair Services

Proactive Risk Management

How We Can Help

At Rockfin, you’ll note that we tend to ask you a few more questions than the average insurance company. This is to ensure that we develop the most comprehensive insurance plan possible, tailor-made to suit you, your assets and your budget perfectly.

The typical Homeowners Insurance package may include:

  • fixed excess amounts, irrespective of how big the claim.
  • a cash-out bonus after three claim-free years.
  • 12-month guaranteed premiums.
  • inflation-linked adjustments to make sure that you’ll never be under-insured.
  • access to a list of hand-picked services.
  • emergency home assistance – available 24/7.

With a Rockfin Homeowners and Property Insurance plan, you are also covered with temporary accommodation in the event that a claimable incident leaves your home uninhabitable, providing you with the assurance you need to live a peaceful and confident life.