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Income Protection

Providing peace of mind

Your salary is one of your biggest assets. If you are unable to work and earn an income, your family’s lifestyle could be compromised. Rockfin Income Insurance helps you to be able to take care of them financially, regardless of life events that may negatively impact your income. With a wide variety of tailor-made plans available, you can rest assured you are getting amazing coverage at affordable rates.

Why Choose Rockfin Income Insurance?

Provide for your whole family

Trusted and credited advisors

Low insurance premiums

What We Offer

Indemnity Value Plans

By having a dedicated provision for the necessary professional fees to administer a deceased Estate, your beneficiaries will save tremendously both in time and money, ensuring your legacy is delivered as you intended.

Agreed Value Income Plans

Your income is agreed to at the start of your policy. This means you will know what you will receive regardless of your income at the time of claim.

Individual Funded Plans

We create your own plan based on your specific needs. With a high level of flexibility, you get to choose what your plan pays for and what not to cover.

Superannuation Plans

This monetary fund will be used to pay out pension benefits as participating members become eligible. A member is deemed to be superannuated upon reaching the proper age or as a result of an infirmity. At that point, you will be able to draw benefits from the fund.

Company Funded Plans

This is based on a defined contribution basis of which the employee will pay a portion and their company will contribute a portion on behalf of the employee.