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International Structuring

Grow with Rockfin

A comprehensive, international, corporate structure is a crucial part in ensuring the stability and growth for every global company, especially given the current political and ethical landscape. Rockfin has experts in more than 83 countries with over 120 years combined experience administering international corporate structures. We assist companies in adopting the best practices, and helping them to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing legal, regulatory and fiscal environment.

Why Choose Rockfin International Structuring Advisory?

Fully Compliant

With laws and regulations


Years of Experience

Advisors you can trust

Proactive Risk Management

Giving you peace of mind

How We Can Help

For international subsidiaries and other entities, we provide a full-service Accounting, HR & Payroll, Corporate Secretarial and other administration services. We offer our clients a convenient, single-point-of-contact platform for services delivered across the globe.

Because Rockfin is independent, our leading experts in legal and tax advisory are able to assist clients with the implementation of their aspired corporate structures. And as a world-class compliance specialist, we assist companies in adapting to the rapidly changing legal, regulatory and fiscal environment.

Our capabilities include:

  • Management/administration/corporate secretarial services including company formation and liquidation, provision of directors, provision of company secretary, board support, opening and operating of bank accounts, payment of invoices, handling of correspondence and other administrative duties.
  • Services including provision of a registered address, temporary or permanent leasing of offices and other support services.
  • Accounting services including bookkeeping and reporting, preparation of group consolidated accounts and financial statements as well as CIT and VAT registration and filing.
  • HR and Payroll services including assistance with hiring staff.

While renowned for our international corporate structuring services, we also assist many companies each year in establishing and managing holding and finance structures.


What is international structuring?

structure that is built to handle all international operations by a division created for control. It is often adopted by firms that are still in the development stages of international business operations.

Isn’t it illegal to move assets offshore?

There is nothing illegal about moving assets offshore. It is when you move the assets into accounts offshore and do not declare their existence to the tax authorities, that you break the law. Any assets over which you have control, domestic or offshore, are probably liable to taxes in your home jurisdiction.

Why should I move offshore?

Moving some of your assets offshore provides you access to modern (and ancient) methods of protecting your assets and reducing your taxes, using international corporations and foundations.