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No two families are alike, and neither are any two estates. That’s why it is important to take your personal situation into account when planning your estate, and Nedbank is there to assist you every step of the way.

Let’s take a look at what your plan should take into account:

The will

A well-structured will ensures not only that your estate is practically and equitably distributed, but also that your beneficiaries are protected and estate duty is minimised.

Trust formation

Trusts help protect and preserve your assets for the future benefit of your dependants and their descendants.

Asset restructuring

Convert close corporations into companies, incorporate inter Vivos trusts, and more.

Asset management

Prepare for the future by anticipating which adjustments you may need.


Insurance can help you provide income as well as capital for unexpected events and future plans such as business investments, or for your and your family’s security in the event of disablement or death.

Offshore structures

Available to immigrants, emigrants and South African residents.

Tax and tax planning

Ensure you are fully aware of the tax implications of donations, income, capital gains and estate duties.


Plan whether you will buy in your individual capacity or whether it will be bought by your company or by your trust.


Define and plan asset and interest devolution.

Share option schemes

Decide whether and how to cede, exercise or defer your share options.

Business planning

  • Separate trading assets from conventional investments.
  • Incorporate a professional partnership.
  • Use a loan redemption plan.
  • Use buy-and-sell agreements.

Employer and employee benefits

Decide how to structure these to ensure maximum benefit for everyone. This includes pension funds, provident funds, group life benefits and more.

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