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Pension Plans

Planning for everything.

Rockfin Pension Plans provide you with the a means to effectively save money for your retirement. We offer a wide variety of plans, and develop tailor-made solutions to suit our clients’ needs perfectly, helping you to secure your future and save money in the process.

Why Choose a Rockfin Pension Plan?

Personalised pension plans

Professional team of advisors

Hassle-free solutions

What We Offer

A Rockfin Pension Plan is a formal arrangement between a company and its employees – or the employees’ union – that provides funding for the employees’ retirement. This pool of funds can be financed in several ways and will eventually be used to make periodic payments to retired employees. In most cases, both employer and employees make regular contributions to the plan.

Defined Contribution Plans

Defined-contribution plans don’t guarantee a certain benefit. Fixed contributions are paid into an individual’s account by employers and employees. The contributions are then invested, for example in the stock market, and the returns on the investment (which may be positive or negative) are credited to the individual’s account. The payout from this plan rests solely on the success of the investments made for the pension plan.

Defined Benefit Plans

This is an employer-sponsored retirement plan where employee benefits are computed using a formula that considers several factors, such as length of employment and salary history.