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Medical Aid Plans

Enhancing Life, Excelling in Care

If your health takes a turn for the worst, prompt diagnosis and treatment are vital to getting you back on your feet. That’s where Rockfin comes in. Rockfin medical aid plans put you in control of your healthcare. From all-round cover that helps you beat lengthy waiting lists, to standalone cancer and physio insurance, we’ll get you the treatment you need, as you need it. Providing you with the highest level of cover available, with direct access to premium services and medical providers – at home and wherever in the world you would choose to be treated.

Why Choose Rockfin as your Medical Aid Advisor?

Add multiple members to your chosen plan

Speak to the best consultants in the business

Low fees that reduce the strain on your wallet

What We Offer

Income Based Plans

Being a low income earner or student doesn’t mean you can’t afford medical aid. Rockfin offers adjusted rates on your income based medical aid packages.

Semi-Comprehensive Plans

Our semi-comprehensive medical aid plans are tailor made for individuals and families with higher than average medical expenses.

Comprehensive Plans

Rockfin comprehensive medical aid plans are designed to provide ultimate peace of mind, ensuring all your medical expenses are fully covered by your provider.

Hospital Plans

Hospital plans that are designed to provide members with quality care at good hospitals in the event of medical emergencies.

Hospital Savings Plans

Giving you the security of quality hospital care in the event of emergencies, with funds available to cover a wide range of other medical expenses should they arise.

Day-to-Day Plans

Looking for more than just hospital cover? Rockfin provides hospital cover along with limited cover of day to day out-of-hospital medical expenses.