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Personal Unit Trusts

Take control of your finances

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Big dreams can be expensive dreams. Whether you’re saving for a holiday, preparing for a rainy day or ticking items off your bucket list, your future self would probably suggest putting more thought and planning into how you invest your money, rather than how you spend it. Saving is a great way to start, but stashing your money in a savings account and waiting for the interest to accumulate won’t help you with those big dreams. To live a life of freedom and choice, you need to invest smartly.

Why Choose Rockfin Personal Unit Trusts?

R500 minimum investments.

Professional investment advisors.

Proactive management of your risks.

How We Can Help

Rockfin Unit Trusts provide an easy and flexible solution to help you grow your money and build a future that you can be proud of.

  • Start by investing a monthly amount or lump sum with Rockfin Unit Trusts.
  • Our experts will use your investment to buy a selection of top-performing shares and other assets on your behalf, to create an investment portfolio.
  • The finished portfolio is split into many equal slices called units. These units are divided among you and fellow investors, according to the amount each investor contributes.
  • When the companies that our experts invested in perform well, your money will grow and generate a return. In time, those returns have the potential to generate real wealth.

Benefits of a Rockfin Unit Trust:

  • Start investing from only R500 per month.
  • Invest in top companies without spending a fortune.
  • Have professionals manage your investments on your behalf.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your investment is protected against potential fall in the value of a single share.