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Provident Fund

The right way to go

Many business owners recognise that in order for their businesses to be profitable, competitive and efficient, it is essential for them to attract and retain high quality staff. It follows that these employers consider their staff to be their most valuable asset, and in this time of scarce skills, companies would like to be ‘an employer of choice’. A way of achieving this is to provide employees with a competitive Provident Funding Plan.

Why Choose a Rockfin Provident Fund?

Cost-effective premiums

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Proactive Risk Management

What We Offer

With a Rockfin Provident Fund Plan you can set up a provident fund, with or without death, disability and ancillary benefits. Employees can also contribute tax free, to a pension fund. Both the company and employee contributions are structured and defined based on the needs and affordability of both parties, with due consideration for tax deductibility of contributions.

Should an employee then retire, (particularly after long service), die, or become permanently disabled, a benefit will be paid to the employees or their dependents, thus relieving the employer of any moral obligations to make ‘ad hoc’ payments to the employee or their dependents.