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Retirement Annuities

Saving for your retirement

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By giving your money time to grow, you benefit from the power of compound growth, to ensure you’re more financially secure in your golden years. Retirement annuities also enjoy significant tax concessions from the South African government, helping you to get more from your investment.

Why Save With a Rockfin Retirement Annuity?

Tax efficient savings

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Proactive Risk Management

How We Can Help

You make regular contributions and can add lump-sum contributions at the start of your investment, or any time during the term.

Tax efficiency
Your investment contributions are tax deductible within limits, which means money you would have paid to SARS, can now grow in your retirement annuity. Investment returns also do not attract any tax, making your money grow faster than in most other investment vehicles.

Should you experience financial difficulty, you can skip up to 4 monthly contributions during the term of your investment, by making use of contribution holidays. If you are not ready after 4 months, you can reduce or stop your contribution without a significant impact on your investment value at the time, but you should try and resume making contributions as soon as possible.

Loyalty bonus
If you remain invested until the end of your investment term, we will give back most of the fees we charged for administering your investment.

Access to financial markets
You can select from a range of investment funds that are managed by leading South African fund managers.

Protected investment
Your money is protected against the claims of creditors. Nobody other than you or your dependents can touch it.

Estate duty exemption
In the event of your premature death, more money goes to your dependents.

Cash lump sum
You can take up to one-third as a cash lump sum at retirement. A portion of, or the full lump sum may be tax free.

Regular income
When you retire from your retirement annuity, you must use at least two-thirds of the proceeds to buy a compulsory annuity. This will provide you with a regular income in retirement.